Waiting for the very first Sidra

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A few weeks ago I traveled to the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes, to taste the first harvest of Sidra coffee in one of my favorite farms, the sophisticated La Palma y el Tucan. I was their guest for two days in the beautifully located farm, staying in the wooden eco friendly cabins. The feeling of sleeping and waking up in such an environment, it is not easy to describe in words. Tranquility, sounds from the river Apulo passing through trees, unique sense.

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phonto (3)

The fruits of Sidra grow on trees that reach up to 2.5 meters high just in the first three years, in a very specific microclimate with high humidity levels. Already on the farm the plant has adapted so well. The formation of the branches coming from the trunk resembles that of Geisha. We evaluated 6 picolots including Sidra, extremely small quantities of different varieties, Heroes and Legendary virieties, like the owners have named them, which make only 1% of production. Of these, I have chosen the Sidra and bought their entire production, a limited reserve lot for the project of Direct Relationship for Taf coffee, which is expected to arrive soon in the roastery in Athens. For the processing, they used a Lactic-Acid Fermentation, which resulted in a complex cup full with notes of cedar and red apple, so special.

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I feel so excited about this very first harvest, the moment of 2015 that someone will know how Sidra from La Palma y El Tucan, in Taf roasting tastes like.

The evening at the farm passed pleasantly, by drinking Argentinian Merlot, with strong tannins in the mouth and an exquisite rum Santa Teresa Gran Reserva from Venezuela, accompaniment of traditional music. All happened slowly and when even thinking of that two nights there, is enough to feel that you can lose yourself in the Cordillera.

You can watch the amazing  video that my friends – owners of the farm La Palma y El Tucan made for our collaboration here!

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