If you find yourself in Bogota

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phonto (4)Colombia is the second country in Arabica coffee production. However, usually almost all of its quality coffee is exported while locals and visitors drink tinto, a poor quality raw material that Colombians could not sell, because other countries would not buy and of course would not be consumed. Although I do not like tinto at all, I like Bogota very much.
It has a charm, is situated at an altitude of 2640 meters, a great feature of the place that can be verified easily,
if you climb to Monserrate, in the center of the city.

phonto (10) phonto (11) If you like to drink really good coffee, Bourbon worths a visit. It is a coffee shop that gets high quality coffee, 100% Colombian, and really stands out. Located in the upper class neighborhood of Rosales, amongst traditional houses, with the characteristic terracotta bricks, offers the best you can find.

phonto (6)The owners are Paola Laguna Becerra and Jose Alberto Rosero, they can recognize exquisite local production to supply their coffee house. They roast the beans in their in house micro-roastery and then,  they use them for espresso and brew bar needs. Their up to date brew bar uses a great range of methods and utensils, such as siphon, pour over on V60, aeropress, chemex and many more. People working on service are kind, smiley, and organized, elegantly dressed in aprons, everything in the coffee house is cared, with a fresh touch.

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 Apart from the great espresso shots I had been offered, I tried cold brew, in spite my initial refusal, as up to that time, not even one cold brew could  meet my taste criteria. However,  Bourbon cooperates with 21gramos cold brew. I am not at all a fan of this beverage, but I have to admit that it was so special, the only really good cold brew I have taste. So, if you find yourself in Bogota, Bourbon Coffee Roasters worths more than a visit, for all the above reasons and I am sure you will find many more.

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