Geisha in Panama city

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Two hours and a half. My in-between airports free time in Panama City. After a two-day stay in Miami, that was the time left before I caught my next flight to the city of David. I am going to spend three days in Ninety Plus Gesha Estates.
As you may guess, this is the famous farm producing outstanding coffees.
You can see previous reference in older post here.

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On the one side, the visitor can see Panama’s old city and take a walk in time,
while on the other side huge skyscrapers are built on the beach, reaching the sky.

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At the old part of the town there is a small coffee shop named Bajareque.
The owner, Wilford Lamastus is also the landlord of the award winning Elida farm (Good Foods Award, Best of Panama Coffee, etc) and El Burro Estate. The estates are located in the highest area of the country, near the Baru Volcano.
El Burro is between 1.575 and 2.000m and Elida, the highest coffee farm in Panama,
is located between 1.700 and 2.500 m. above sea level.

phonto (2) phonto (7) In the menu there is a different proccess trilogy of a special Geisha variety. This variety is widely known to give exceptional taste and cup profiles, and, especially the Panama Geisha, differs a lot from other coffee’s origins. It is amazing. Natural, Honey and Washed is the three proccessing methods. All three coffees were prepared on a V60. The barista ground the coffee and then passed it to me to take the dry aroma.

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Honey proccess beans was the one I prefered on the dry aroma, while as the making was compleated, the washed one was superior. Floral, juicy, with clean aftertaste. That is a definately must-see place, when visiting Panama. I left a note on a card, greeting and congratulating Wilford and I left to catch my flight to David.

Hopefully, my next post will be from Ninety Plus Gesha Estates.           phonto (10)

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