Istanbul’s new coffee scene

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Istanbul is a place of great history, glory days and huge contradictions. It is also the place that the first coffee shop is said to operate, when Ottomans brought the magic beans in Contantinople around 1450.
Today this crowded city has numerous cafes, most of them serving traditional ibrik coffee in the special pot and some of them acting the modern way.

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During the last two years a new coffee scene has been created, contemporary coffee shops express the new wave and form a modern coffee culture in the city where was supposed to find only turkish coffee.
These two years I keep a close eye to the new coffee scene, participate in local events either as a judge to the contests held or by organising workshops.

festivalsensory taf_cup

This Christmas I visited Istanbul during the first Coffee Festival. I organised three workshops on “sensory skills” and cuppings on different coffees. Not only professionals but also consumers attended, a big turnout, many more people came than originally expected.

In general Istanbul Coffee Festival achieved great success and this fact strongly confirms the new situation developing in Istanbul coffee. Kronotrop, Petra, Caffeetopia, Cup of joy, Brew Lab are some of the new coffee shops that star in the modern coffee scene.

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I visited Kronotrop in Cihangir neighborhood, in a bigger place that their previous spot, that now hosts Bew Lab. I enjoyed a Panama espresso, from Don Pachi farm, of typica variety. The reason I chose this particular coffee is that the beans come from a familiar source, Taf coffee has provide the green coffee to Kronotrop.

One thought on “Istanbul’s new coffee scene

  1. Your post reminded me of a cozy cafe called Coffeetopia in Eminönü. They also had a small library upstairs. My friends and I were delighted to have found it. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Coffee Festival!


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