In Gothenburg coffee shops

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I visited Gothenburg in order to attend Nordic World of Coffee, and stay close to my team, as Taf  and barista Konstantinos Iatridis was participating in the World Brewers Cup 2015. Scandinavian coffee scene became wide enough easily, everybody now speaks about an innovative Nordic approach. High consumption, strong local market, pioneer entrepreneurs.

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One of those is “da Matteo”. Along with other coffee people, we gathered around a table to rate Indian coffees, in the “Flavors of Indian”cupping. The truth is that Indian cupping panels are different from the ones I participate normally. It was the second time for me to evaluate Indian coffee and I can say that they have put together significant effort.

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As the purpose of my visit was the championship, I spent more time next to the young participant of the team, Konstantinos, who made it to the second place! Looking close to an event like that, I realized how important team work is. Konstantinos participated in the championships, both national and international for the first time this year, without any experience, but still willing to learn and to work hard. Before that, a chain of choices had to be made. I picked a great coffee for him to use in the championship, selected this specific lot out of 32 other. It is a Panama Geisha from the pioneer Ninety Plus, named Perci Pinnacle and has a natural process. It comes from the microregion Volcan, Sila de la Panto, at an altitude of 1800m. For the coffee’s profile, we worked with Ninety Plus during our visit in Panama, and our roaster, Elias Taloumis roasted the beans in our boutique roastery in Athens.

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Magnolia, dark honey and white, an indulging aroma perfectly matching plum and lychee in the taste, clean and clear aftertaste,  truly unique.  As far as training is concerned, last year’s world champion, Stefanos Domatiotis, taught Konstantinos  the do’s and the don’ts, techniques and secrets from the inside.  A handful of people also worked “behind the scenes”, in his practicing hours, helpers and supporters, Taf friends, our friends.  I am glad that he made it and we made it all together.
I left Gothenburg confident about new coffee scene, young baristi, rising initiatives
and great new things that will come.

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