Back in Seattle

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It has been ten years since my last visit in Seattle. The picture on the left was taken in 2005, while the one on the right on February. Back then, the purpose of my journey was to take a close look at the new – in that time- coffee scene of the northwest coast. I was at the beginning, just before I formulate Taf’s program. In 2005, there were Starbucks, among other 3rd wave pioneer roasters such as Zoka, Vita and Vivace. Of course, a lot has changed in the city and its famous coffeeshops. Some still offer good coffee, some better and some worse. phonto (21)

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I entered the first historical Starbucks coffee, established in 1971 and then I came out to see the new, huge Starbucks, operating as a touristic attraction just a few meters in the opposite side of the road.I gave it a-four-minutes look, wandering around. Wastefulness in style, design, and consumption.
Needless to say I did not have coffe. I left quickly.

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I enjoyed coffee in the remarkable and famous Stumptown coffee roasters, they always serve good cup of Joe. I also had a  coffee in the glorious Vita, in Ladro coffee  and also a cup on the modern ELM, one of the latest openings, which created a pleasant memory already. Contemporay, nice and tasteful.
Seattle is undoubtably a coffee destination, however I would reccomend to coffee tourists to filter criteria.

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