Some things (never) change.

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Some things change and some things don’t. 

In the picture on the left, here I am in Italy, 22 years ago, in the centre of Milan, via Vittorio Emanuele II, at the central café Bar Ba del Corso. It was my very first pursuit for espresso. I can still remember its bitter taste, I surely was influenced by the fact that I was having my coffee in the centre of Milan, moreover because that period (and many years later) espresso was supposed to be an italian matter.
In the picture on the right, here I am again, 22 years later to the very same table. The only thing that has changed is my age. The café still holds the same name, same decoration, serves the same coffee in the exact cup, color and shape. It is so boring and bitter that the only thing that kept me there was the memory of the moment.  
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The real reason for being in Milan this time was not the coffee pursuit, but the promotion of my coffee, Taf handcrafted coffee. So, instead for a boring, bitter shot in Milan you can have speciality & single estate coffee in Taglio, Via Vigevano 10, at the famous Navigli area.
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Raffaelle will welcome you and show you around in this temple of flavors. Guila, the barista will prepare espresso in this amazing sophisticated La Marzocco machine, one shot won’t be enough.
Well, some things change. 

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