Timana Huila, Colombia

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Timana is a small town in the south of Colombia, 446 km from Bogota, in Huila region. Huila  is very famous for the quality of its coffee. It was build by Spanish conquerors in 1538, and still keeps its historic character and atmosphere today.

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In this microregion there are approximately 2.000 coffee producers and every single field around the area reaches 1731 m. up to 1829 m. altitude, in Colombian Andes. The varieties that are cultivated there is Caturra, Castillo and Tabi  (a native typica).
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When Cup of Excellence was over, I left with Marco from Neiva heading to Timana. There Neftali, the manager of the station  where parchments are gathered, was waiting for us. Neftali’s house is 250 years old and it is called Casa del Abuelo. Before we leave to the farms, Neftali prepared some coffee to bring with us.
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He used a small jug, putting 780 ml of water and 36 gr. of grinded coffee 100% Colombian Caturra – Timana. He boiled the water  along with the coffee, exactly the same method we use in Greece to prepare our traditional beverage, ibrik coffee. Then he decanted the coffee into a thermos and carry it so we would have coffee for the rest of the day in the farms. This particular coffee reminded me the one made with the italian moka, though it had so intense acidity and medium body.
We named this coffee NEFCAFE (Neftali Cafe). It was so funny!

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